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This privacy policy has been compiled to inform and serve those visitors and customers of slotsrat who may be concerned about exactly how their personal information may be used online. Please read this privacy policy carefully in order to obtain a clear and accurate understanding of how we collect, use, protect, and/or otherwise handle your personal and personally identifiable information according to our guidelines.

In addition to collecting much of your personal data and information when you initiate a transaction, we may receive personal information from other online vendors and service providers that may have referred you to our site. Third-party providers may also be used for support, to process online transactions, and help maintain your online accounts. In addition, we will have access to all of this information in order to handle order and transaction processing. This information is also used to provide you with a number of promotional offers and information regarding new or existing slotsrat products and services.

We do use cookies, small text files stored on your computer that record your preferences, to track your use of the slotsrat website. Information and data received through the use of cookies are intended to help improve the overall service and make things easier and more convenient for you. Users do have the ability to choose whether to accept or decline cookies by changing their browser settings. However, please note that by declining cookies, some of the more interactive features of the website may not be fully experienced or work properly.

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